Types of Red Wine 101

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The different types of red wine are all created with the help of grapes. You can expect red wines to vary in color, flavor, aroma and texture based on the type of grape used in the manufacturing process. If you wish to gain more information about the different red wines, then you should know that the following are among the most popular types:

1. Cabernet Sauvignon. This is one of the most famous red wine varieties. A lot of people describe this type as full-bodied because its flavors are fuller and more complex in comparison to the others. The wine is taken from the cabernet sauvignon grape variety and this blends perfectly with the cabernet franc or merlot wine. Cabernet Sauvignon is traditionally served with red meat.

2. Cabernet Franc. This fantastic fruity wine is made out of those grapes that grow in the Loire Valley region of France. It has low tannin levels and comes with a more defined flavor which can remind you of berry. In comparison to the Cabernet Sauvignon, the taste of this red wine variety is softer and more subdued. You can serve this along with Middle Eastern and Mediterranean Greek dishes, poultry and pasta.

3. Merlot. This is one out of the many types of red wine that can be counted on to provide a satisfying taste experience. This type is known to be a soft and medium bodied red wine which comes with juicy fruit flavors that can remind you of blueberries, blackberries, plums and cherries mixed with black pepper tones. Its tannin level is fairly low. You can best enjoy this wine if you pair it with red meat, pork, pastas, poultry and salad.

4. Pinot Noir. This wine uses a grape which is mainly grown in France, Austria, New Zealand, Oregon and the cooler regions of California It comes with a light flavor and the fruity aroma of plum, strawberry and cherry. Because it is produced in smaller quantities than the other types, you can expect it to be available at a higher price. It is also proven to be versatile and can be best paired with creamy sauces, ham, lamb, pork, beef, spicy seasonings, fish and poultry.

5. Sangiovese. This is produced almost exclusively in the Tuscany region of Italy. Its complex aroma and flavor makes it extremely popular all over the world. Its flavors can also be expected to remind you of plum and fresh berries. Although its flavors are proven to be really gratifying, often people will blend it with Cabernet Sauvignon to further enhance its taste. You can also serve it along with red meat, fish, chicken, pasta, pork, lamb, well-aged cheese and stews.

These are just five of the many famous types of red wine in existence. For you to enjoy any of these alcoholic beverages, you have to make sure that you are aware of the best dishes that can go along with them. It is also essential for you to take note of the fact that red wines can be best enhanced with finings. Finings are substances that are usually added at or near the completion of the processing of brewing wine, beer and various nonalcoholic juice beverages as well. The finings are used to reduce the bitter and harsh flavors of the wine, get rid of its unwanted odors, remove brown pigments that result from oxidation and increase its stability. They will allow you to enjoy every sip of your wine.